Welcome to Purely Biblical

Protestant Christianity, in the 21st century, has become very much like the traditionalism it sought to replace in the 16th century. We have become encrusted in man-made traditions and practices that, in many ways, have become accepted as though they were Scriptural. Something must be done to bring back the ‘reforming’ mind to the Bible. Regarding anything to do with our walk and worship, we, as Christians, must turn back to our Bibles and ask the question: “What does the Bible say?”

This site is intended for those Christians who seriously want to follow the Bible, wherever it leads, whatever traditions it challenges, whatever preconceptions it contradicts. We intend, by the grace of God, to present what the Bible teaches. We will use the Bible as our source of authority and teaching. It, alone, must determine the truth.

Creeds, Confessions, Commentaries, etc. should only be used as ‘aids’ and must not take on the same authority as the Scriptures. They are the thoughts of men and are not inspired. They are fallible, unlike the Scriptures. They must be subordinate and not coordinate with the Bible.

Our goal is to dialog with fellow Christians to help one another ascertain the real and true meaning of God’s word. This site is to be a two-way street. We teach and we learn according to the light God gives both reader and writer. We hope this site becomes a partnership with other believers to give and take as we both travel along the path to Heaven.

We need one another and, together, we will see what God has to teach us. As Christians, we have the ‘mind of Christ’, the ‘Spirit of Christ’ and the ‘word of Christ’. That is sufficient to make us ‘thoroughly equipped for every good work’.

May this site give glory to God, help to the saints and a witness to the seeker!