Study Series 10: Study of 2 Peter 3:1-13 (Sub Studies on Thousand Years; God and Time; Thief in the Night; Elements

Study Series 10:  This study takes us through 2 Peter 3 verse by verse – developing the audience and world view, context of 1 and 2 Peter, and then delves deep into the vast array of related and interlinking verses and passages from both the OT and NT.  This study will provide you with great insight into understanding the Biblical language of such things as: the last day scoffers, heaven and earth, one day is like a thousand years, the Lord is not slack concerning His promise, the day of the Lord, thief in the night, elements “are” melting, the “earth” and “works”…will be burned up, these things “are being” dissolved, new heavens and new earth.  This study is full of “aha” moments which are sure to be a blessing to your faith and walk.

Download the full Study Series as a PDF: Study Series 10 Study of 2 Peter 3:1-13 (Sub Studies on Thousand Years; God and Time; Thief in the Night; Elements

Listen to the weekly Bible study audio and study along with the PDF:

(Audio recordings: these audios from this Study Series are complete and you can hear everyone.  This series was recorded from one of my earlier Bible study groups in 2017.  At that time it was called Study Series 8, however, subsequently the studies were expanded and rearranged for a better teaching flow through this full redemptive history series and this study is now called Study Series 10.  I am using the audios from this earlier Bible study group, instead of the most recent group, because when I taught Study Series 10 – 14 Lesson 4 with the most recent group they were all recorded after March 2020 (start of Covid), and at the time of those audio recording we had transitioned from meeting in person to online Zoom Bible studies, and it was unknown at that time that when people on Zoom read the scripture or spoke it was not recorded through our recording device.  That resulted in there being a gap of silence every time someone on Zoom read a scripture or spoke.  Unfortunately, this was not realized until March 2022 after completing Study Series 14 Lesson 4.  This was then rectified and from Study Series 14 Lesson 5 going forward all of the audio recordings are from my most recent group again.)

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