Study Series 11: Study of Romans 11 (Sub Studies on A Remnant Shall be Saved; Fullness of the Gentiles; and All Israel Shall be Saved)

Study Series 11:  One of the major passages of much confusion in our Christian world today is Romans 11 and the meaning of several parts of the chapter, with no two phases being of more contention then “the fullness of the Gentiles” and “all Israel will be saved.”  As with all of our studies, the only way to properly understand a biblical meaning is for us to let verses answer other verses.  We will look through the OT background passages and understanding underlining this chapter.  Paul quotes from many OT passages and I think once we go back and look at the whole context and references the picture will become that much more clear, and then much more added insight will bear upon it once we see the Holy Spirit inspired Apostles providing meaning and light and fulfillment on those OT shadows and types.

I believe that this chapter of scripture will no longer be one of confusion once you complete this study.

Download the full Study Series as a PDF: Study Series 11 Study of Romans 11 (Sub Study on A Remnant Shall be Saved

Appendix 1: Study Series 11 Romans 11 Kingdom comparison chart

Listen to the weekly Bible study audio and study along with the PDF:

(Audio recordings: these audios from this Study Series are complete and you can hear everyone.  This series was recorded from one of my earlier Bible study groups in 2018.  I am using the audios from this earlier Bible study group, instead of the most recent group, because when I taught Study Series 10 – 14 Lesson 4 with the most recent group they were all recorded after March 2020 (start of Covid), and at the time of those audio recording we had transitioned from meeting in person to online Zoom Bible studies, and it was unknown at that time that when people on Zoom read the scripture or spoke it was not recorded through our recording device.  That resulted in there being a gap of silence every time someone on Zoom read a scripture or spoke.  Unfortunately, this was not realized until March 2022 after completing Study Series 14 Lesson 4.  This was then rectified and from Study Series 14 Lesson 5 going forward and all of the audio recordings are from my most recent group again.)

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