Study Series 12: Messianic Temple (Sub Study on Replacement Theology – what is it)

Study Series 12: In this study we look at another of the most misunderstood issues in modern Christianity. A large portion of today’s Christian world is under the sway of dispensationalism and is looking for a future rebuild kingdom and physical Messianic kingdom reign by Christ here on earth in literal Jerusalem. Yet others correctly see that this is not the correct interpretation of scriptures, and understand aspects of the biblical spiritual nature of the kingdom, yet still misapply some scriptures and are looking for a coming complete destruction or re-creation of the literal heavens and earth. What is the biblical interpretation of these matters?

I believe a key to this is in understanding as Peter quoted in 1 Peter 1:11, “They wondered what time or situation the Spirit of Christ within them was talking about when he told them in advance about Christ’s suffering and his great glory afterward.” (NLT). Much of the misunderstanding in prophecy comes from people looking into the shadows and types in the OT prophecies and reading those as if they were literal and understood by the OT prophets. Peter himself declares that the OT prophets did not understand the nature or timing of the events, but he says that the NT Apostles/prophets are giving the answers –> nature and timing. Jesus declared that He would send the Holy Spirit once He left, and the He would teach them of the things to come (John 16:13), which now Peter, Paul and the other Apostles are then revealing to the 1st century church.

I am sure this study will be a blessing, and will also show how these teachings are not “replacement theology,” but “fulfillment theology.”

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(Audio recordings: these audios from this Study Series are complete and you can hear everyone.  This series was recorded from one of my earlier Bible study groups in 2018.  I am using the audios from this earlier Bible study group, instead of the most recent group, because when I taught Study Series 10 – 14 Lesson 4 with the most recent group they were all recorded after March 2020 (start of Covid), and at the time of those audio recording we had transitioned from meeting in person to online Zoom Bible studies, and it was unknown at that time that when people on Zoom read the scripture or spoke it was not recorded through our recording device.  That resulted in there being a gap of silence every time someone on Zoom read a scripture or spoke.  Unfortunately, this was not realized until March 2022 after completing Study Series 14 Lesson 4.  This was then rectified and from Study Series 14 Lesson 5 going forward and all of the audio recordings are from my most recent group again.)

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