Study Series 13: Walking Worthy Before and AFTER the End of the OC and in the NC Kingdom…New Creation

Study Series 13: The pre-70 saints were exhorted to walk worthy of the great reward they were expecting to receive at the Parousia. They lived holy lives for many reasons, some of which apply to us today. But the reason they were so urgent and extreme about it was the approaching great tribulation which would severely test their faith. They need to live holy lives in order to endure that persecution. And they also knew there was a great reward for them after that persecution ran its course. So there was double incentive for them to live worthily of the Kingdom which was about to come. This will be a very helpful study to assist in putting many verses into context.

In the middle of the study we look into a valuable and helpful sub-study into Romans 8:20-22 in relation to the old creation that was about to be “set free.”

Then in the last section of this Study Series we look at how we apply the biblical principles to us today, and show how we are supposed to live in the Kingdom now after it arrived in AD 70.  This study will be a great blessing to everyone. Who has not asked the question of how are we to be living? This question will be even more helpful when we know what time we are living in.

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(Audio recordings: as of March 2020 (start of Covid) at the time of the recording of this Study Series with my most recent group we had transitioned from meeting in person to online Zoom Bible studies. It was unknown at the time that when people on Zoom read the scripture or spoke it was not recorded through our recording device. You may notice this on occasion in some of the audio recordings with a short gap of silence.  The audios affected are only Study Series 13 and Study Series 9 Lesson 1 parts 1-7. Please just skip ahead until the study resumes)

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