Study Series 14 Lesson 4: The Parousia – The Resurrection, the Expectations and Experiences

Study Series 14 Lesson 4: It is a biblical and historical fact that some of the Jewish saints in Palestine sold their possessions, while others abstained from marriage and the pursuit of some of their otherwise normal economic activities.  They fled the country when the armies approached.  They preached the gospel in the midst of overwhelming persecution and tribulation, frantically trying to rescue their families and friends before the End, with the hope and the promise of being relieved, rescued out of it, and rewarded at the End.  Did these Christians really have expectations of a real, historical, visible relief and reward that they knew they would absolutely see and experience without fail at the Parousia?  What scriptures reveal these expectations of the pre-AD 70 saints?  Here are some key texts documenting their expectations of the “big three events: Parousia, resurrection, judgment.”  What do the scriptures say about a rapture?  A lot!  This study is assured to amaze and excite you as the biblical narratives of these major topics come alive off the pages of scripture.

This study explores the timing and nature of the resurrection described in the Bible –> and covers many related passages from the Old and New Testaments. I can assure that you will be enlightened, encouraged and strengthened in your faith as scripture answers scripture.

The New Testament was written and spoken to living breathing people 2,000 years ago, so it becomes imperative for us to put ourselves in their time, culture, events and worldview in order to correctly understand what the Holy Spirit was saying to them (and then for what would be for us). This study is sure to be very helpful.

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(Audio recordings: these audios from this Study Series are complete and you can hear everyone.  This series was recorded from one of my earlier Bible study groups in 2018.  I am using the audios from this earlier Bible study group, instead of the most recent group, because when I taught Study Series 10 – 14 Lesson 4 with the most recent group they were all recorded after March 2020 (start of Covid), and at the time of those audio recording we had transitioned from meeting in person to online Zoom Bible studies, and it was unknown at that time that when people on Zoom read the scripture or spoke it was not recorded through our recording device.  That resulted in there being a gap of silence every time someone on Zoom read a scripture or spoke.  Unfortunately, this was not realized until March 2022 after completing Study Series 14 Lesson 4.  This was then rectified and from Study Series 14 Lesson 5 going forward all of the audio recordings are from my most recent group again.)

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