Study Series 14 Lesson 7: The Parousia – Acts 1:9-11 – “In Like Manner”

Study Series 14 Lesson 7: This passage has led to confusion for many people from all views of eschatology.  To the futurists, because they have started with a wrong premise, as well as a misunderstood of the biblical language and context of the rest of the scriptures, including the Old Covenant Hebrew language and understanding…of which his disciples being spoken to were raised under.  For some Preterists, this too has caused a problem when some of them misunderstand the nature and promises contained in this passage, as well as throughout the rest of the NT letters.  This study will greatly assist everyone in gaining a solid biblical grasp of the promise and the fulfillment.

This study explores the timing and nature of the resurrection described in the Bible –> and covers many related passages from the Old and New Testaments. I can assure that you will be enlightened, encouraged and strengthened in your faith as scripture answers scripture.

This was written and spoken to living breathing people 2,000 years ago, so it becomes imperative for us to put ourselves in their time, culture, events and worldview in order to correctly understand what the Holy Spirit was saying to them (and then for what would be for us). This study is sure to be very helpful.

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