Study Series 15 Lesson 1: Revelation – Introduction, Purpose and Background

Study Series 15 Lesson 1: The Book of Revelation is the most thoroughly Jewish in its language and imagery of any New Testament book.”  The signs, symbols, types and language are all Jewish.  The use of the beasts, harps, vials, horses, winds, angels, trumpets, candlesticks, censers, incense, pit, lamb, altar, temple, and twelve tribes are Jewish.  The song of Moses could only have meaning to Israelites.  The book is completely saturated with Jewish thought, expression and symbology.

The language used by John in this book is unlike any other used in the New Testament.  The message was signified unto John (Rev. 1:1), indicating the abundant use of signs and symbols in its presentation.  Words and phrases are often used to signify, symbolize and reveal what is otherwise hidden truth (grave error is done with people who try to read this book with a literal interpretive methodology).

An estimated 300 to 400+ references to the Old Testament scriptures can be found in the book.  Why did John make such an abundant use of the Old Testament scriptures?  Surely, the answer is found in the fact that the Apocalypse is to be considered as the entwining fiber that brings together Old and New Testament prophecies to show their ultimate and complete fulfillment, thus magnifying the divine mind from where they came.

This study lays a thorough foundation through a multitude of Old Testament passages, combined with a detailed look at Old Covenant Israel’s history, culture, world view and its position within and throughout the ancient world.  It is sure to shed light on the meaning of so many Bible prophecies, and prepare the mind of the reader to be illuminated on the purpose and focus of Revelation.

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