Study Series 16 Lesson 2: Revelation – Chapters 5 through 9

Study Series 16 Lesson 2: This study covers chapters 5 through 9 and goes into numerous topics such as:

Chapter 5: The “scroll” opened in chapter 5 and its relation to the sealed scroll of the book of Daniel, as well as the parallels Ezekiel tells of receiving a scroll containing a list of the judgments against Israel (Ezek. 2:3-10).

Chapter 6: “The Great Day of the Lord” – defining it, and the eschatological significant of John the Baptist as Elijah.  Also, we study into “the seals” and God’s covenant with Israel.

Chapter 7: A deep study into “The Great Tribulation,” as well as the highly significant “Second Exodus Motif.”

Chapter 8: The sounding of the first four trumpets.  So many Old Testament passages are cited, referred to, alluded to, or echoed – and clearly assigned to adulterous Old Covenant Israel and its pending judgment.

Chapter 9: The fifth trumpet explained.

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