Study Series 16 Lesson 3: Revelation – Chapters 10 through 12 also: Sub Study on What/Who is Babylon

Study Series 16 Lesson 3: This study covers chapters 10 through 12, with a sub study into what/who is Babylon, and goes into numerous topics such as:

Chapter 10: An explanation of the strong Angel descending from heaven holding in His hand a little book which is no longer sealed. Also, a study into “there shall be no more delay” of verse 6, and “the mystery of God would be finished as He declared to His servants the prophets” in verse 7.  We further look into the “little book” John is given.

** An in-depth Sub Study – What/Who is Babylon: A thorough and clear depiction of adulterous Old Covenant Israel.

Chapter 11: A look into several topics such as: The “treading down of the city” for forty-two months (a time, times and half a time); the Two Witnesses; the Great City (Babylon).

Chapter 12: A study into “the woman and her Son.” Unquestionably, the picture in Revelation 12 is that of Jesus Christ, in His life and ministry through to the consummating of His Kingdom when His final enemy death (the power of sin to separate and condemn to the eternal second death) is destroyed (1 Cor. 15:26)(which would be at the completion of the 7th trumpet when  the Holy of Holies in heaven is then made fully open and full access granted. (Rev. 15:8)).

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