Study Series 7 Lesson 3a1, 3a2, 3a3 Matthew Fulfillments and Josephus

Study Series 7 lesson 3a1, 3a2, 3a3 Matthew fulfillments and Josephus. Chronological arrangement of the 4 Gospels and Olivet Discourse

Study Series 7 Lesson 3a1, 2 and 3: Documents 3a1 and 3a2 will greatly assist, and amaze you, in comparing the predictions of Matthew 24 with the actual record of 1st century history by Josephus (A Jewish historian.  One of the most trusted historians in the world on ancient history).  In addition, 3a3 will greatly assist you in arranging and comparing of the 4 Gospels and the Olivet Discourse.

Study Series 7 Lesson 3a1