Study Series 7 Lessons 3a1 and 3a2: Matthew Fulfillments and Josephus

These two documents will greatly assist, and amaze you, in comparing the predictions of Matthew 24 with the actual record of 1st century history by Josephus (A Jewish historian.  One of the most trusted historians in the world on ancient history).

Download the full Study Series as a PDF:

Study Series 7 Lesson 3a1 – Matt 24 Fulfillments Documented – Ed Stevens

Study Series 7 Lesson 3a2 – Matt 24 Fulfillments Documented Josephus- Ed Stevens

Audio (Study Series 7 Lesson 3a2):

Study Series 7 Lesson 3a3 Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, and Luke 17 Chronological Arrangement of the 3 Gospel’s Olivet Discourse (Available upon request. Invaluable!)