Study Series 7 Lesson 3b and Add-on: Transitional Period

Study Series 7 lesson 3b and add on: Transitional period: Prophesied OC Israel Ending/Judgment – and NC Church/Kingdom Beginning – the fulfillment period of Hebrews 8:13

Study Series 7 Lesson 3: Matt. 16: 27-28 A critical study into this passage of Scripture that has led to the strongest attacks against Jesus Christ being a true prophet, the Bible being inspired and inerrant, and Christianity being true.  The critics, the Muslims and the liberal teachers have uses this passage more than any other passage to disprove Jesus Christ as being a true prophet, as “they quote the absolutely unchanging Deut. 18 test of a prophet passage” and then they go to this passage in Matt. 16 and say that Jesus Christ clearly promised to return before all of His disciples standing right there before Him would die – and He did not (so they say).  This passage interlocks, and unlocks some of the most powerful and emphatic words of Jesus Christ.  Revealing not only His meaning in this passage, and its parallel passages (Mark 8:38-9:1; Luke 9:26-27), but also the true meaning of the transfiguration, the understanding of “heaven and earth,” and many other NT passages, as well as their types and shadows from the OT.