Covenant Creationism (False doctrine)

Covenant Creationists try to tag onto Preterism and hope that people do not look too far under the hood.  They use all kinds of misinterpretations of scripture, as well as intermingle mysticism and other false teachings.  They have made a doctrinal system which is dangerous to the faith of believers and is not Christian.  Some of the errors they teach are the following:

• Old Earth (millions of years old).

• Adam and Eve were NOT the first two human beings on earth.

• Adam and Eve were both born from pre-existing human parents.

• There were many other human beings on the planet before Adam.

• Eve was NOT made from a rib taken from Adam’s side.

• Adam and Eve did NOT bring physical death into the world by sin.

• Physical death was already in the world as a natural part of being human.

• They deny the global flood and teach that it was only local.