Gospel (What is it? and Sharing the Gospel)

The GOSPEL is basically the message of salvation in Christ.  We do not know who will put their faith in Jesus Christ, so we are to share the GOSPEL with all that the Lord gives us opportunity.  He is responsible for the outcome of our witnessing.  Our responsibility is to be faithful.  Our GOSPEL message should not seek a man-centered manipulative “decisional” response from people.

We should not merely persuade others to just repeat certain words that we tell them; but we should prayerfully present Christ to them.  We should have a conversation with them.  It is best if we can share Scriptures with them as we preach the GOSPEL.  Our message is better when we tell them about Christ and His atoning work to save all who put their faith in Him.  We should pursue a God-centered message and let the Holy Spirit work in their hearts.

We need to share with people God’s character. Yes, God is love, but that is one of His attributes and first and foremost He is HOLY, and because He is HOLY and PERFECT and RIGHTEOUS, He cannot have sin and imperfection in His presence.  We are all sinners and all fall show of the perfection required to be in the presence of God (Rom. 3:10-11, 23).  In order to experience the love of God He desires to cover us with, we need to see His full love displayed in His utter abhorrence of sin with how Christ had to die on the cross.  Christ’s horrific physical death and shed blood on the cross is where God’s love is displayed.  He loves us so much that He had to punish our sin in His perfectly obedient son as our substitute so that anyone and everyone who puts their faith in His death/burial/resurrection as a substitute in their place to forgive them of all of their sin will be saved.

There is no set system to use in sharing the GOSPEL with the lost.  Sometimes it must be “short and sweet!”  Perhaps as simple as passing someone a gospel tracts, or another time it can involve some Scriptures that might be shared with people.  There is no requirement that must be followed, other than to be truthful with people, and speak as the Holy Spirit leads.  We should use wisdom to know what seed may already have been planted in the past with the lost person.  Has he or she heard the GOSPEL before?

Asking “what do you know about Jesus Christ?” could move the discussion to the GOSPEL.  Giving your own testimony could be very useful in your witnessing to someone.  It is good to get to know people in order to know how your witnessing should proceed.  We should realize that God’s purpose is to “make disciples,” who continue onward in Christian maturity with genuine faith and growing knowledge of His Word.  Your conversation might give opportunity to read a bible passage and ask what they understand from that passage.

We who live in the earthly realm of the eternal New Covenant gospel Kingdom after AD 70 are spiritually in Christ by faith; we have the Holy Spirit indwelling us; we have the New Testament Canon; and we are totally secure in our consummated salvation.  It is a wonderful honor for us to talk about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  When we do, it pleases Him; it blesses us; and it glorifies God.  Do not forget the lost soul to whom you are witnessing.  By God’s grace, it may be your privilege to be present at the starting point of his or her new life in Christ!