Liberal Christianity

Within a modern Christian context, is a false belief movement within Christianity that is sometimes known as progressive or modernist, and is often characterized by the following features:
• internal diversity of doctrine that may or may not include those of the Nicene Creed or other traditional formulations
• an embracing of higher criticism of the Bible with a corresponding willingness to doubt supernatural elements of biblical stories (e.g. the virgin birth)
• the rejection of biblical literalism and the inerrancy of the Bible
• differing views of God that may include Unitarian beliefs
• differing views on salvation that may include universalistic beliefs
• a willingness to consider and adopt viewpoints which have their roots outside of Christianity (e.g. other faith/philosophical traditions)
• a willingness to re-evaluate and modify beliefs in the light of modern scientific theories
• an emphasis on inclusive fellowship and community, often applied in recent years to racial minorities and LGBT people, and to the ministry of women alongside men in the church