Preterism – Collective Body View (CBV) (Covenant Eschatology (CE)) (False doctrine)

The Collective Body View (CBV) desires to be viewed as a Full Preterist Christian position; however, as with Covenant Creationism (CC) (which is an offshoot of the CBV aberrant system), the CBV system is ripe with inconsistencies, misinterpretations, word definition changes, obfuscations, out right false and heretical positions (see one example below), as well as it too mixes in ancient mysticism (as does CC) to come up with its fusion system.  The CBV is not just like a different “denomination” of Preterism, but if one truly understands and holds to the core beliefs as taught by their leaders Max King, Don Preston, William Bell, and their progeny, they will find themselves following a false and heretical unchristian system.

“The Collective Body View teaches that the eschatological resurrection was:

• A spiritual-only change of status for a collective body (the Church) in AD 70.

• Only a change from a state of alienation death into a state of fellowship life.

• Only a restoration of spiritual fellowship between man on earth and God in heaven.

The Collective Body View teaches that the physical death and physical blood of Jesus was NOT His substitutionary sacrificial death and blood.  Instead, it was His spiritual death and spiritual blood which was His substitutionary death for our atonement.  Thus, they are trampling underfoot the precious holy blood of Jesus, and treating it as non-essential for our atonement, despite what Heb 9:22 teaches.  That is not mere heresy, but blasphemy of the worst sort.  It distorts the gospel and falls under a curse (see Galatians 1) (Ed Stevens).”



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