Analogia Fidei

What is ‘Analogia Fidei’?

In regard to “hermeneutics” it is of vital importance to perform our study in accordance with Analogia Fidei, which is comparing every doctrine and presupposition with the overall system of Faith (the plan of redemption) to make sure it harmonizes.  It is interpreting every scripture in conformity with the Plan of Redemption, rather than letting our theological systems determine our interpretations.  It is not enough to just compare scripture with scripture (Analogia Scriptura) and let scripture interpret itself.  That is not always sufficient.  We must go further to make sure our resultant interpretations of scripture conform to, or harmonize with, the overall system of Faith (the gospel, the plan of redemption, the scarlet thread) that is revealed throughout all of scripture.  It is of the utmost importance that every Bible student be taught and understand this correct hermeneutical principle, and to be warned against the incorrect method (Analogia Framework, which interprets Scripture through the lens of our preconceived frameworks).  The contrast between Analogia Fidei and Analogia Framework is very similar to the difference between EXegesis versus EISegesis.  One is conforming our interpretations to the overall plan of redemption, while the other is forcing scripture to conform to our preconceived frameworks.


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