Hebrew Paradox

The New Eternal Spiritual Kingdom and the Hebrew Paradox:

(Read) Gen. 49:10 is the Hebrew dilemma –> this passage has always been disturbing to Hebrew Rabbis, as they have understood from the “until” in this verse refers to their kingdom being limited in time. 

  • In Matt. 21:43-22:9 Jesus plainly tells Old Covenant Israel that the kingdom was going to be taken from them.  (Also see Matt. 8:11-12; Luke 13:22-29)
  • But who would take the scepter and rule –> Jesus! 
  • Isa. 11 tells us Jesus would come from the stem of Jesse –> Judah. 
  • Judah had the scepter through David.  Heb. 7:14 says Jesus was from Judah. 
  • Rev. 5:5 tells us the Lion of the tribe of Judah prevailed.  (Also see Rev. 22:16)
    • Paradox: the scepter would pass from Judah, but not pass from Judah – how? 
    • Because what Jesus was saying in Matt. 21:43 was that the physical national sovereignty would be taken from earthly Judah, and now the Lion of Judah rules and reigns in the true and eternal spiritual Kingdom in the unseen realm, –> of which there is no end: Luke 1:32-33; Isa. 9:7; Dan. 2:44, 7:13-14, Psalm 2; Heb. 12:26-28; Eph. 3:21, 2:20-22.


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